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How to Sell Your House Virtually

Despite the current environment, many houses are still selling. In the majority of markets, real estate is an essential service, and the motivations of buyers and sellers haven’t disappeared. People still have to move for jobs, are getting married, divorced, having children, and/or have moves dictated by their financial situations. If you’re in that sellingContinue reading “How to Sell Your House Virtually”

The Simplicity of a Convenience Driven Society

What do you value most when it comes to your daily life? Convenience is a valued concept that quickly comes to mind. Let’s dive into some of the ways that our society has structured convenience into our daily lives!  Paying for Convenience? When getting ready for work, what is planned into your allotted time toContinue reading “The Simplicity of a Convenience Driven Society”

How to Handle Times of Uncertainty

Times like these can be frightening for all parties involved in a transaction, including both consumers and agents. Keller Offers Certified Agents’ daily goals are to work towards providing clients with opportunities and certainty. Let’s dive into some ways to wade through the uncertainty! Stay in the know  Agents understand that often-time, clients are goingContinue reading “How to Handle Times of Uncertainty”

Then and Now: Real Estate Throughout the Decades

For as long as humans have been around, we’ve had some place to call home, whether it be an empty lot of land, tribes, kingdoms, or the houses we know today. The real estate industry developed post Industrial Revolution, when manual labor wasn’t in such high demand. We’ve seen a lot of changes in realContinue reading “Then and Now: Real Estate Throughout the Decades”

How to Use Cash Offers to Assess the Value of Your House

Cash offers, especially those from iBuyers and other large cash buyers, can be a great way to assess the value of your property. Their initial offers are not binding, meaning you have the opportunity to see the offer and learn from it without being required to move forward. Often, the convenience and security of cashContinue reading “How to Use Cash Offers to Assess the Value of Your House”

What’s Great about a Cash Offer?

As a seller, you might not care how the buyer is paying. It’s all the same to you, right? Actually, it’s not quite that simple! Cash offers have some significant advantages. They could mean the difference between selling your house and a contract falling through, leaving you back on the market. Let’s look at aContinue reading “What’s Great about a Cash Offer?”

The iBuyer Process

The Steps in the iBuyer Process iBuyers—from Zillow, to Opendoor, to Keller Offers—are becoming a bigger and bigger factor in the home selling landscape. Despite their rise in prominence, how they actually operate is a mystery to most sellers. Here, we present the general steps that iBuyers and sellers go through when performing a standardContinue reading “The iBuyer Process”

What Does the Future Hold for Agents?

As technology improves, industries change. Travel agents have largely been replaced by automated services—except where specific expertise and skills are needed. Flying to Newark can be done on Priceline, but booking a Disney cruise with your aunts, uncles, cousins, and family friends? It’s better to get an expert involved. Many have wondered if real estateContinue reading “What Does the Future Hold for Agents?”

Are iBuyers Just About Convenience?

True or False: iBuyers Are Only About Convenience When sellers share the top reasons they went the iBuyer route, convenience often ranks high on their list. While it’s true that iBuyers such as Keller Offers do offer convenience, it’s far from the only reason that a seller might choose an iBuyer. Let’s explore convenience, alongContinue reading “Are iBuyers Just About Convenience?”

iBuyers vs. Flippers

“iBuyers, are just flippers, right?” We’ll often hear this statement as sellers, agents, and other cash buyers try to categorize what iBuyers are. The comparison is understandable—you see someone or some company buying a property, only to turn around and resell it. However, once you dig into the details of each, you can see thatContinue reading “iBuyers vs. Flippers”

What are the ways I can sell my house?

As more options emerge for selling houses, it can be challenging to determine what option is best for your situation. Should you try and sell it yourself? Focus on using an agent? Explore new platforms? Let’s examine the pros and cons of different ways to sell your house, and you can start to dive intoContinue reading “What are the ways I can sell my house?”

How do iBuyers profit?

Are iBuyers a good deal for sellers? That’s the question of the year in real estate and the answer is: it depends! For some sellers, iBuyers can be a great deal, allowing them to achieve their goals quickly. Other sellers are better off listing their property and letting the market determine their price. Remember, anContinue reading “How do iBuyers profit?”

What are iBuyers?

iBuyers are data-driven, large-scale home purchasers who seek to maximize value. Let’s dive into each of these points to fully understand how they work. What does iBuyer mean? iBuyer stands for “instant buyer.” These are companies focused on going directly to consumers and offering to buy properties, usually from off-market sellers. The most prominent examplesContinue reading “What are iBuyers?”

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